Share snippets to social networks

You can share a snippet or a collection of snippets from your Snippet account to Facebook and Twitter.

Share a snippet 

Find the snippet on your storyboard and click the Share Snippet icon from the action bar.

Select from the drop down list the social network you want to share the card to.

Follow the steps to log in on to your social network account of choice, write a message and click Share.

Share a collection of snippets

From My Snippets open the collection (book, articles, author, tag, color) you want to share
Click the Export button from the top right bar and click Share collection

Snippet will create a slideshow from the selected snippets.
Edit the title of your collection and click Open collection.

Choose from the top right the icon of the social media where you want to share your collection as link.


Follow the steps to log in on to your account of the social network of choice, write a description and share your collection.



More options to share your favorite snippets? See how to share a snippet via email with your friends and colleagues.

Need More Help?

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